This workshop is made possible by the support of:

Georgia Tech's Integrative BioSystems Institute

Georgia Tech's College of Sciences

National Science Foundation

National Science Foundation
Burroughs Wellcome Fund

Burroughs Wellcome Fund


Social behavior fundamentally affects biological systems both spatially and temporally. A two-and-a-half day workshop on the social behavior of organisms will dramatically enhance our understanding of the regulation, dynamics, and evolution of cooperative activities of complex living systems. A select group of scientists will discuss/develop new experimental, theoretical, and computational tools to bridge multiple disciplines in the study of group tasks orchestrated by organisms from microbes to metazoans. Topical sessions motivated by a set of fundamental biological questions will be integrated with quantitative modeling and engineering talks. Topic areas include:

  • Production and response to signals: Signal production and integration, and group response to signaling
  • Communication dynamics: Adaptation; intra- interspecies communication
  • Evolution and the environment: cheating to altruism; microbes in a milieu

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Confirmed speakers

Tim Cooper (University of Houston)
Iain Couzin (Princeton University)
Alan Decho (University of South Carolina)
Kevin Foster (Harvard University)
Kent Hill (University of California, Los Angeles)
David Hu (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Vanja Klepac-Ceraj (Harvard University)
Frank Loeffler (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Elizabeth Ostrowski (Rice University)
Philip Rather (Emory University, School of Medicine)
Vanessa Sperandio (University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center)
Michael Strand (University of Georgia)
Gregory Velicer (Indiana University)
Marvin Whiteley (University of Texas, at Austin)
Frans B. M. de Waal (Emory University)

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Brian Hammer, Georgia Tech, School of Biology
Joshua Weitz, Georgia Tech, School of Biology & Physics
Michael Goodisman, Georgia Tech, School of Biology

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Scientific inquiries should be sent to Social Behavior: .

Contacts for administrative inquiries will be added shortly.

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